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ctrlX AUTOMATION stands for maximum openness. This is reflected among other things in the ctrlX World. Within the platform, users can use apps from Bosch Rexroth, third-party applications or apps they have created themselves. These apps can be downloaded via the App Zone and assigned to the ctrlX CORE control platform via a license system. Third-party suppliers can integrate apps via the Software Development Kit (SDK) for ctrlX AUTOMATION. Existing code can easily be integrated as an app - for both real-time and non-real-time applications. Numerous programming languages like C++, Python, Java and many more are supported. Via the ctrlX Data Layer these apps can contain automation data and exchange information with other apps. Bosch Rexroth is also working intensively on further partnerships in the field of hardware and is opening its platform for co-creation of new solutions. Users thus benefit from the constantly growing ecosystem.

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The ctrlX World currently includes the partners listed below.

ATINA Engineering

ATINA has been developing PLC software, HMI concepts and digital twins for many years. The automatic code conversion is the company's specialty. The maximum openness of ctrlX AUTOMATION attracted ATINA immediately because in addition to a flexible hardware concept it also features an open interface model that makes it possible to integrate almost any software.

To make a system change as convenient as possible, ATINA supports the integration of existing PLC function blocks into the ctrlX AUTOMATION environment. With their automated code conversion tools, the entire PLC function block library and thereby the specific engineering knowledge is easily ported to the automation platform. The expertise is simply carried along!

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Bosch.IO GmbH

Bosch IoT Suite is the open-source-based Bosch software platform for IoT solutions. Today, it connects more than 10 million sensors, devices, and machines with their users and enterprise systems.

ctrlX AUTOMATION can be connected via Bosch IoT Suite and builds a bridge from the edge to the cloud to enable software and firmware updates over the air (SOTA/FOTA), IoT data management, as well as device management for connected devices like cameras, sensors etc. as well as for various industries, such as industrial IoT and buildings. Companies can easily get started with Bosch IoT Edge Agent, which is preconfigured to run on ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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conductiv.ai FutureFab UG

Conductiv.ai specializes in virtualization of development & production cycles for precision manufacturers, for example in semiconductors, photovoltaics, LCD/LEDs, and atomic 3D printing.
Conductiv.ai makes it incredibly easy to create Self-Perfecting Digital Twins for hardware equipments, production lines and even chemical processes, enabling effortless cost & material optimization and unlocking up to 50% reduction in product time-to-market.
ctrlX AUTOMATION connects to the cloud/server-based Conductiv.ai Platform via the Gemini app.

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Cordis SUITE by Cordis Products B.V.

Cordis SUITE offers a Low-Code software development platform for machine-control applications, based on graphical model-driven software engineering. Cordis SUITE seamlessly integrates with the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform. It provides a software development solution that allows the developer to focus strictly in development process on the behavior of the machine and not on the coding implementation.

Describing software behavior in graphical UML object and state diagrams, non-software domain engineers can actively contribute to the detailed development of software. The lines of code are automatically and error-free generated from the graphical models.


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With ctrlX AUTOMATION Bosch Rexroth offers companies the opportunity to enter a new world of automation. This is exactly what FORCAM does. With the turnkey and freely expandable IT platform solution, FORCAM supports companies in significantly increasing their efficiency and competitiveness - from machine connections to the digital twin of production and store and top floor networking to cloud solutions. With a sales partnership with ctrlX AUTOMATION, FORCAM offers companies a double advantage: On the one hand, a bundled competence for a comprehensive machine connection for a quick start into the store floor transformation with immediate increases in efficiency, on the other hand, a gateway to a complete solution to master all further steps just as purposefully.

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HD Vision Systems GmbH

HD Vision Systems supports manufacturing companies in all questions of Machine Vision. With their unique light field-based technology, HD Vision Systems offers customers a fast and easy access to automation: The light field allows to reliably detect complex and shiny surfaces or fiber composite materials. Its flexible system is highly adaptable, even for small quantities.

HD Vision Systems light field sensor LumiScanX comes together with a vision controller mounted on the edge. The system can then be used flexibly for various applications: In addition to creating high-precision RGB-D point clouds of captured objects and object detection, LumiScanX also offers accurate object localization. This information is transferred to ctrlX AUTOMATION to carry out further processes.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION is the perfect basis for the HUCON AI-based services. By integrating data with a one-stop shop for solutions, ctrlX AUTOMATION provides a convenient and efficient way to obtain the value adding and high-impact products of HUCON.

HUCON provides with CONNECT an IIoT solution that connects and contextualizes data by mapping process and quality data to material flow; with PRESCRIBE a unique deep learning solution that can prescribe optimum plant control parameters; with DETECT a solution for continuous machine monitoring that is able to recognize faults and share corrective actions in real-time.

Move with HUCON the limits of your previous thinking about production optimization. IIoT paired with human expert knowledge and modern AI data processes is the future of successful rationality!

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InfluxData Inc. logo

InfluxData Inc.

The data platform InfluxDB from the company InfluxData was designed and optimized to handle large volumes of time-stamped data from sensors, applications, users as well as systems. With the robust platform, it is easy to seamlessly collect, store, and visualize massive volumes of time series data enabling subsequent insights into action.

InfluxDB is available as app for ctrlX AUTOMATION and is more than a database. It has hundreds of open source Telegraf plugins to seamlessly collect and analyze data from almost any source including MQTT, OPC UA and Modbus. Pre-built dashboards, client libraries and other developer tools makes it easy to get started quickly with less programming effort.

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IXON partnered up with ctrlX World to offer machine builders even more flexibility to create solutions that best fits their needs. Users can download the IXagent app to get access to all IXON Cloud platform functionalities, such as Remote Access (VPN, VNC, HTTP), Cloud Data Logging, Alarms and Notifications.

IXON stimulates the transition to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) by providing a secure cloud environment with all the technologies needed to make it directly accessible worldwide. The all-in-one solution enables maximum scalability and expandability and helps with the step-by-step implementation of the IIoT.

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MGA Ingenieur­dienst­leistungen GmbH

Operate machines even more easily and conveniently and increase comfort at the workplace. Voice control, familiar from the consumer environment, is finding its way into industry. MGA's voice input app for ctrlX AUTOMATION provides maximum flexibility for the machine operator. He can move freely around the machine and concentrate on his workpiece and not on the control panel. There is a coupling with a response system so that the operator also receives a response from the machine.

MGA, as an owner-managed medium-sized engineering company, has been a competent partner of mechanical engineering in the field of process automation and control technology for over 20 years. With over 50 employees, MGA is engaged in the design, programming and commissioning of machine controls.

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Mirasoft GmbH & Co. KG

It was time to simplify and accelerate the work of automation engineers. ctrlX AUTOMATION and its extensive ctrlX App Store fit perfectly with the AnyViz Cloud concept, where stunning cloud HMIs are created with just a few clicks.

With AnyViz Cloud, you can keep track of all your industrial assets. Due to the intuitive usability concept, visualizations, graphical analysis and reports can be created with just a few clicks. In this way, production processes can be transparently visualized and analyzed. Key performance indicators and energy evaluations help to optimize processes and increase efficiency in the long term. AnyViz enables you to support remotely as well as new business models to generate sustainable revenues.

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NEXEED by Bosch Connected Industry

Bosch Connected Industry offers software and services for Industry 4.0 in a comprehensive portfolio under the name NEXEED. Based on the needs of its own Bosch plants and warehouses, NEXEED optimizes manufacturing and logistics processes in terms of transparency, agility, costs, quality and time and supports employees in their daily work.

ctrlX AUTOMATION is the ideal platform for products in the area of NEXEED Automation. Whether individual apps for optimizing machine output or the machine configurator Control plus, the openness, security and connectivity of ctrlX AUTOMATION perfectly complements the products, thus providing users with real added value.

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oee.ai by ifp Software GmbH

The ifp Software GmbH from Aachen in Germany is providing manufacturing intelligence software for producing companies. oee.ai processes equipment data and additional employee entries in order to increase shop floor productivity through intelligent evaluation. For this purpose, data is visualized in real time and analyzed using the latest technologies and algorithms. The solution is available as a connector app via plug & play on the ctrlX CORE and offers widget-based reporting, production order selection as well as loss reason input via tablets. Its users can benefit from the use of Andon boards, tablets, industrial smartwatches, shop floor management boards. Additionally, there is AI analytics including an algorithm library, gamified visualizations and further benchmarking options. oee.ai is available as a modern and lightweight MES in the cloud or on-premise as a SaaS solution.


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Perfect Production GmbH

Perfect Production with seat in Oftersheim in Germany is a management consultation for producing enterprises. The experts for lean production and digitalization accompany their customers on the way to perfect production. In doing so, they pursue a holistic approach that considers the entire value stream 4.0, i.e. the interaction of production, administration and IT landscape. The aim is to achieve transparent, responsive and economical processes.

To achieve this, Perfect Production develops suitable IT target architectures. Among others based on ctrlX AUTOMATION and above all with the ctrlX CORE and its apps, such as ctrlX IOT and ctrlX PLC, customers are getting completely new possibilities.

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Prescient Devices, Inc.

Prescient Devices, Inc. (PDI) empowers businesses to work with IoT, AI, and data analytics. The industry-leading low-code IoT software enables engineers, integrators, and data scientists to build sensor-to-cloud IoT solutions with simplicity and scalability. With Prescient Designer, users can program Node-RED applications inside their ctrlX CORE devices, integrate with cloud data analytics and dashboards, and scale to thousands of devices with a single click. By using drag-and-drop template solutions ranging from condition monitoring to machine vision, customers can deploy solutions on day one and easily evolve over the long-term.


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Rhebo GmbH

As a sophisticated, easy-to-use and capable solution, ctrlX AUTOMATION will become the new benchmark for automation systems. Its useful functionalities combined with its high extensibility to connect to other systems makes it a very good integration platform.

Rhebo’s automation system monitoring and anomaly detection solution safeguards cybersecurity as well as process stability and plant availability by analyzing all communication within the automation system in real-time. This enables central IT experts to operate a 24/7 security monitoring of their industrial assets as well as to conduct in-depth forensic analysis of any shopfloor security incidents. Rhebo also offers asset management, net segmentation, dynamic firewall configuration and security automation.

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Clamping devices and gripping systems have a decisive influence on the flexibility and precision of automated manufacturing processes. As a direct interface to the workpiece, they perform central functions in machine loading, among other things. SCHUNK, competence and world market leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, relies on the highest degree of precision, flexibility and innovation of its solutions.

For this purpose, SCHUNK has developed software to calculate pathways for new types of flexible grippers. ctrlX AUTOMATION is a target platform for these software apps and thus makes it possible to realize a complete system.

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SELMO Technology GmbH

SELMO stands for Sequential Logic Modelling and simplifies the implementation of PLC programming by providing the safest and most system-oriented description of processes. SELMO closes a gap in the engineering of machines by designing software.

As in mechanics and electrics, SELMOstudio is used to create a model that, like a drawing and circuit diagram, represents all the information for the implementation of software. When modelling, the sequence logic and assemblies are connected in a bit-controlled manner. The function of the sequence uniquely describes each state. From this model, an algorithm generates the error-free PLC code for the ctrlX AUTOMATION PLC App and HMI automatically. A program block or an entire structure based on the SELMO standard can be easily imported. SELMO controls every bit and makes it digitally visible – it is the logical choice for PLC programming.


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Smart HMI GmbH

Create outstanding web HMIs for ctrlX AUTOMATION in no time without any programming knowledge. Use the intuitive WYSIWYG HMI editor, numerous ready-made web widgets, as well as sophisticated styling and layout features. Matching ctrlX AUTOMATION, the web visualization is based 100% on standard technologies such as HTML5 and OPC UA and can be flexibly extended with your own widgets or with third-party solutions, if required.

The web visualization is developed by the web HMI expert Smart HMI and is a standard feature of ctrlX CORE, but can also be combined with other components of ctrlX AUTOMATION. It is suitable for simple process controls with few displays up to sophisticated web HMIs for production machines and plants.

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User Interface Design GmbH

Intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and inspiring across all devices – these are the standards to which a state-of-the-art HMI has to measure up today. The platform to master this challenge is ctrlX AUTOMATION. With ctrlX AUTOMATION, you forge new paths in automation. UID as your HMI design expert and digitization partner will accompany you along this way.

For more than 20 years, UID has proven to be a competent partner for the manufacturing and automation industry. The 100 experts for UX design and software engineering migrate existing legacy systems to the web world. UID designs for you a Web HMI which meets and exceeds your expectations concerning functional reliability and aesthetics, making full use of the possibilities offered by ctrlX AUTOMATION and WebIQ by Smart HMI. Where necessary, the standard platform is enhanced with customized widgets and custom controls. The range of consulting services concerning digitization completes the portfolio.

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Mechatronic drive systems that can independently capture and communicate information are an essential requirement for IIoT. WITTENSTEIN is the first component manufacturer to offer smart gearheads as standard - gearheads with cynapse. They feature an integrated sensor module that enables industry 4.0 connectivity. cynapse already enables customers to perform condition monitoring and opens the door to process monitoring and control of their drive train.

Externally, the transmissions with cynapse do not differ in design, size or contour from previous series. The difference is a sensor module integrated into the smart transmission.

ctrlX AUTOMATION uses the openness of cynapse and enables the easy integration of comprehensive applications. This gives customers the opportunity to quickly and easily integrate WITTENSTEIN's Smart Services into their system solution.

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In the age of digital transformation, XITASO is a competent and experienced partner for the development and implementation of digital products and processes. XITASO designs and develops individual solutions with outstanding expertise in the areas of Industry 4.0, IoT, Healthcare, Cloud, Big Data, AI and Augmented Reality. Their experts work with great skill and passion for the digital success of our customers. They are based in Augsburg, Ingolstadt and Magdeburg, Germany.

XITASO made an in-depth analysis of the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform with respect to software architecture and modern software engineering methods and processes. XITASO can develop and offer apps on ctrlX AUTOMATION that efficiently integrate the strengths of OT, IT and modern software engineering technologies.

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