Burr-free punching with drive technology from Bosch Rexroth

article {{picture::}-ZRS묐$KZ(?size=11}}Michael Haun

A young Berlin-based company is developing durable, freely combinable machines with an innovative punching process for the plastics industry. A key feature is the highly dynamic servodrive technology from Bosch Rexroth. It meets the highest demands as regards functionality and impresses with its high performance.


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ctrlX SERVICES: Engineer easily

article Julian Weinkötz

Both machine manufacturers and users are keen to achieve efficiency gains through automation. The trend here is for increasingly simple processes. And engineering is no exception. Solutions that support people and lighten their load are highly sought-after. This is where ctrlX AUTOMATION and its ctrlX SERVICES come into play. In keeping with the motto “Engineer easily”, the software as a service provides kits of components, for example the Software Development Kit (SDK) designed to make software development easy, a virtual control environment and digital twin and simulation solutions designed to ensure that reliable processes are achieved throughout the development stage, commissioning and operations.

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Why automation needs digital twins

article Karsten Kreusch

Whether in relation to components, machinery or complete production processes, these days digital twins play an important role in product lifecycles. As digital replicas of products or processes, they depict their properties, status and behavior and hence connect the real world with a virtual one. As such, they ensure reliable processes throughout the development stage, commissioning and operations and can be used for optimization purposes and to improve quality and increase efficiency. The potential that digital twins possess can also be leveraged for ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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Most compact drive meets ultra-compact control system

article {{picture::}-ZRS묐$KZ(?size=11}}Michael Haun

The Windows operating system did a good job in the world of automation for decades. However, it is reaching its limits when it comes to availability, safety, support and costs in modern industry which is shaped by connectivity and digitalization. More and more industrial companies are therefore recognizing the benefits of Linux-based automation solutions such as ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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ctrlX developR (SEASON 2) –<br>#6 Handling Application | Live-Demo

video Christian Zentgraf

Time flies by so fast. This is the final episode of the second season of ctrlX developR. Up to this point, we have guided you through a complete handling solution: From configuring the components, PLC & graphical programming over machine safety to a web-based HMI. To put it in a nutshell, Christian demonstrates the entire process on a real pick-and-place application. Watch the running code and the moving robot at the same time!

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ctrlX developR (SEASON 2) –<br>#5 Create a web-based HMI

video Christian Zentgraf

In this episode of ctrlX developR our game changer Thomas demonstrates how to create a web-based HMI application for visualizing and operating the ctrlX CORE on a web panel. The resulting information can even be accessed on a smartphone. It works simply by using an app from one of our ctrlX World partners SMART HMI that integrates seamlessly into our system.

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Value creation and new business models in automation

whitepaper Hans Michael Krause

Like many other sectors, the industry is in the midst of change. Increasing digitalization and networking give rise to new technologies and processes, but, above all, create significant potential for automation and optimization. A completely new world of automation is being created.

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ctrlX developR (SEASON 2) –<br>#4 Implement Machine Safety

video Christian Zentgraf

This episode of ctrlX developR is all about machine safety. Find out now what role this topic plays in the development of ctrlX AUTOMATION and what highlights our safety solution has to offer in addition to its compact design and scalability. By integrating ctrlX SAFETY, game changer Christoph demonstrates how efficient engineering is through graphical programming of the safety PLC.

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Automation is (not) an industry issue

article Volker Schlotz

In the manufacturing industry and other segments, digitalization and, as a result, automation are advancing rapidly. While automation has been standard in industries such as mechanical engineering for many years and control technology is traditionally used here, electrical automation solutions are also finding their way into newer industries such as the energy sector.

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ctrlX developR (SEASON 2) –<br>#3 Use Graphical Programming for Pick & Place

video Christian Zentgraf

Here we go again – this is ctrlX developR Season 2 Episode #3!

In this episode, Michael explains how to program Python scripts directly on the ctrlX CORE without installing external tools on your engineering PC. It works simply by using an IDE app – a fully integrated textual and graphical programming environment built on Theia and Google Blockly.

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More drive for additive manufacturing

article Peter Berens

Additive manufacturing (AM) with its traditional area of application, prototype and tool making, is currently on the threshold of mass production. Innovative automation solutions are needed to make this leap, as deficits in process stability, for example, make the use of AM machines in series production unprofitable. With high-performance and highly connective automation solutions, these machines will become sufficiently fast, intelligent and process-reliable for series production.

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ctrlX developR (SEASON 2) –<br>#2 SET UP A ctrlX CORE & PLC PROGRAMMING

video {{picture::|}qt뙅$KZ(?size=11}}Kai Müller

In episode #2 of the second season of ctrlX developR, our game changer Kai Müller explains everything about system communication and shows how easy it is to configure the ctrlX CORE for a handling application.

The entire process works with ctrlX AUTOMATION in an absolutely user-friendly way, clearly arranged and without complex tools. Configurations on ctrlX CORE can be done web-based, even before the device has been delivered to you… Curious?

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ctrlX developR (SEASON 2) –<br>#1 CONFIGURE COMPONENTS

video Christian Zentgraf

ctrlX developR is back with the second season!

After demonstrating the various features of our automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION in season 1, we will focus on its various application possibilities in this season. In the first episode, host Christian Zentgraf and expert Benedikt Rüb will show you how to configure intuitively, simply and flawlessly with the ctrlX Configurator.

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Securely connected – on all levels

article Alexander Breitenbach

Industry 4.0 means connectivity – and achieving goals such as increasing productivity and tapping into new value creation potential. However, the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) poses entirely new requirements when it comes to security and thus automation solutions themselves. Because security features had to be integrated into existing products individually, it was difficult to implement an integrated concept.

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A perfect match for the printing industry

article Andreas Gryglewski

Printing machines nowadays need to be versatile. Increasing individuality and packaging printing jobs with small print runs require quick changeover times and format changes if they are to be carried out profitably. At the same time, high precision and productivity must be guaranteed. On top of this, there is the increasing need for connectivity. Data need to be shared with other machine modules and higher-level systems.

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ctrlX SERVICES: Make it your device

article Julian Weinkötz

Automation solutions were originally designed to work with machines to cater for rigid, recurring production processes. Nowadays, the focus is on greater flexibility, new value creation potential and business models. The automation solution no longer dictates to the user what processes should be used – it is the other way around. Digital tools from the ctrlX SERVICES toolbox provide this support.

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Open for all generations

article Steffen Winkler

Solving the increasing challenges in automation – as simply and individually as possible. This goal is not reached by individual products existing side by side, but by complete solutions. This is what Bosch Rexroth stands for with ctrlX AUTOMATION. In keeping with the openness and flexibility of the automation platform, components from previous and new product lines can be combined with each other. This creates optimal solutions and existing users can migrate to ctrlX AUTOMATION as needed.

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SDK: App development is that simple

article Johannes Albrecht

The everyday life of a developer has changed. Software for machine automation is becoming increasingly complex, and the developer’s tasks often go beyond pure programming. With ctrlX AUTOMATION and the associated Software Development Kit (SDK), Bosch Rexroth makes the specific development and provision of apps extremely simple. For one, users have the option of integrating their own software and know-how into the ctrlX AUTOMATION ecosystem.

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The trends 2021 in the growth market automation

article Philipp Guth

A push towards automation is expected this year in the manufacturing industry and other segments – also driven by the coronavirus pandemic. The demand for open, easy-to-use and flexible automation solutions will increase independently of this. Common software development tools and programming languages are being used more and more and engineering processes are increasingly completely digital.

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SCHUNK automated by ctrlX AUTOMATION

article Dr. Martin May

Clamping and gripping systems play a key role in the flexibility and precision of automated manufacturing processes. Acting as a direct interface to the work piece, they perform central functions in machine loading, among other areas. SCHUNK, the expertise and world-market leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, applies the highest level of precision, flexibility and innovation in its solutions.

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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #11 Graphical Programming

video Christian Zentgraf

ctrlX AUTOMATION is about maximum simplicity and usability. We make it much easier to program on the ctrlX CORE for example in ongoing production and to provide machine operators with the necessary building blocks to make changes to the code quickly.
And this is why we have turned graphical programming into a separate application, which is based on Google Blockly and creates Python scripts for example.

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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #10 Python

video Johannes Albrecht

Python is an interpreted, high-level and general-purpose programming language. Python's design philosophy emphasizes code readability with its notable use of significant whitespace. Its language constructs and object-oriented approach aim to help programmers write clear, logical code for small and large-scale projects.*

In episode 10 of ctrlX developR, Johannes joins Christian to talk about the Python programming language - and what you can do with Python and ctrlX AUTOMATION, especially in the area of artificial intelligence.

By the way: In this episode you have the chance to win one of these t-shirts. So just give this video a thumbs up and write a comment to take part in the draw.

*Source: Wikipedia

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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #9<br/>ctrlX AUTOMATION Community

video Pedro Reboredo

The ctrlX AUTOMATION Community offers a platform for developers. Knowledge transfer and exchange of experience with other users are just as much a part of the community as useful tips for getting started with ctrlX AUTOMATION, comprehensive application examples and needs-based Software Development Kits (SDKs).
It is more than just a forum. Ultimately, it will be our control center where all information for developers comes together to help implement any kind of project with ctrlX AUTOMATION.
Don’t miss the 9th episode where Pedro presents our new community.


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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #8 Rest Interface & Automated Configuration

video Johannes Albrecht

Basic requirements for an open and future-proof platform are standardized and state-of-the-art interfaces. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. Using the REST interface enables us to dock web based apps to the ctrlX CORE very easily. And this was essential for the architecture of ctrlX AUTOMATION since we have already chosen a lot of web-based services.
In episode 8 of ctrlX developR Johannes demonstrates how to configure machine controls faster and more efficiently, how REST works together with the ctrlX Data Layer and how to create whole dashboards using Node-RED.


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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #7 Security

video Alexander Breitenbach

Security is one of the most mentioned topics in our series 1 of ctrlX developR. For sure an indicator for its relevance. In episode 7 Christian welcomes our Master of Security, the natural enemy of all the hackers out there, Alexander. He points out why, for example, remote maintenance became more important with Industry 4.0 and how we solve this challenge with ctrlX AUTOMATION. Making everything secure was always piecemeal as there was no holistic security concept in former automation platforms.


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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #6 ctrlX World - Partner Apps

video Johannes Albrecht

ctrlX AUTOMATION underlines the openness of the system with ctrlX World. In episode 6 we invited our partner Thomas Hepp from Mirasoft to speak with Johannes and Christian about the numerous possibilities of the platform. For Mirasoft it was especially important to offer their own customers a solution that is intuitive and can be used immediately - without lengthy training. The CEO and developer presents the App AnyViz, which is already available via the App Zone.

Johannes also explains how it is even possible to become a partner and integrate own apps.


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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #5 SDK

video Johannes Albrecht

Who of you has ever used a SDK (Software Development Kit) for an industrial control? As far as we know, this is rather unusual. But of course not for ctrlX AUTOMATION, because we have developed the most open system on the market. And with our SDK we enable developers to program and integrate exactly the apps they need for their individual functions and requirements.

Johannes and Christian show you everything about the SDK in episode 5.


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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #4 ctrlX Device Portal

video Julian Weinkötz

In episode 4 Julian presents us the ctrlX Device Portal in a live demo. Such a centralized device management is absolutely not a standard for industrial devices, but it is urgently needed because the IOT and industry 4.0 hype brings more and more devices into the field and in addition, machines are more often connected to open networks. Therefore, more and more software updates have to be provided. With the ctrlX Device Portal updates can now easily be done remotely.


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ctrlX developR – EPISODE #3 ctrlX Data Layer

video Johannes Albrecht

The ctrlX Data Layer is one of the USPs of ctrlX AUTOMATION. Johannes likes to compare it to the neural system of the human body. It connects the individual organs with each other - in our case apps. In episode 3 of our 11-part ctrlX developR series Christian really finds out everything you need to know about the ctrlX Data Layer.


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video {{picture::|}qt뙅$KZ(?size=11}}Kai Müller

Every Thursday... Episode 2 of our 11-part ctrlX developR series went online today.
Kai and Christian show you how to set up the ctrlX CORE in less than two minutes and how to start your first project.


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ctrlX developR – Episode #1 This is ctrlX AUTOMATION

video Holger Schnabel

The first episode of the ctrlX developR series is live. Our 11-part series will be released every Thursday from now on and gives developers the opportunity to learn more about ctrlX AUTOMATION.

In episode 1 our host, Christian Zentgraf, and our expert, Holger Schnabel, will talk about some exciting background information of ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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The next level: I/O system for ctrlX AUTOMATION

article Thomas Höfling

ctrlX AUTOMATION has reached the next level: With the launch of ctrlX I/O, we have developed and manufactured our own I/O system for the platform. It offers comprehensive communication and performance enhancements as well as IO link modules geared to technologies of the future such as 5G, TSN and AI. This is the basis for connectivity and networking – and thus for the Industry 4.0.

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whitepaper Holger Schnabel

Increasing digitalization and connectivity are changing the requirements as regards automation. Rigid, complex automation systems are no longer suitable for today’s factories. Instead, control technologies, IT and the IoT need to be brought together in a way which makes sense. Most existing automation systems were not designed for today’s challenges.

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Q&A ctrlX AUTOMATION, When users ask questions, we answer them

When users ask questions, we answer them

qa Hans Michael Krause

ctrlX AUTOMATION was successfully launched in fall 2019. Bosch Rexroth believes that the overall user experience and close contact with existing and potential customers are both extremely important for ensuring that products and solutions are properly further developed and that users are fully satisfied. During a digital information event, all participants were given the opportunity to ask any questions they had about our automation solution. We have put together the main questions and answers.

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Programming Ubuntu programming language

Daniel Developer and the development of progress

article Jasmin Heim

Daniel Developer (28) is much more than just a developer. He is an early adopter, cosmopolitan, technically savvy … speaks several languages, is open-minded and wants to go high. Daniel no longer only feels at home in the world of conventional automation (PLC), but also programs individual solutions using scripts, high-level languages and various environments to quickly reach his goals. He has to get applications up and running quickly, develop reliable software under high time pressure and present complex processes to the user in a simple way. No easy challenge. Until he discovered ctrlX AUTOMATION ...

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a group of skydivers form a circle when falling

This is just the beginning!

interview Philipp Guth

Philipp Guth is the new Senior Vice President of the Business Unit Automation & Electrification Solutions at Bosch Rexroth. His new position combines the responsibilities of CTO and CEO of the Business Unit. In this interview he tells us why ctrlX AUTOMATION has the potential to become the leading automation platform in the market, how well accepted the solution has been so far and where the journey is leading to. That's for sure: The aims are ambitious!

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an opening Airbag

Quick reaction times improve both safety and productivity

article Volker Schlotz

What do safety functions in automation have in common with airbags? The reaction time. Airbags trigger within just under 50 milliseconds – at a speed of 200 km/h, this is too slow because the car will cover a number of meters in this time. Drivers should therefore drive much more slowly. When it comes to the reaction times of safety functions in automation, the situation is usually similar.

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mehrere helle Legosteine nebeneinander gereiht und ein dunkler Stein der herausragt

Are you still programming, or are you already mixing and matching?

article Volker Schlotz

How long does it take to set up a spirit level, a digital purse or a video editing station on a smartphone? In most cases, the answer is: There’s an app for that. And they are often just a few taps away. So why is it still so complex and cumbersome to program motion controls in mechanical engineering? In our opinion, there is no reason for that. And we’ve got proof: our simple ctrlX MOTION solution.

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Couch tilted diagonally

Powerful drives for the future

article Frank Kaufmann

The road from the first PCs without a hard drive to today’s connected, mobile device platforms was a long one. The performance of central components such as processors and RAM had to be improved significantly and they had to be made more and more compact and energy-efficient. At the same time, the software became decoupled from the hardware and users could suddenly use a full range of new functions.

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Little child kneels in front of laptop and looks at the ctrlX Configurator

Configuring automation solutions intuitively

article Norbert Sasse

Why study the portfolio first? Imaginative names for the various product families, various number codes for the different products: anyone who wants to put together an individual high-performance PC or notebook needs patience and should look at the product ranges from the various component manufacturers. With ctrlX AUTOMATION we have therefore gone a different way.

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whitepaper Steffen Winkler

Nowadays, mechanical engineering means one thing: software development. In some machines, software accounts for over 50 percent of value creation. Software determines the flexibility, connectivity, availability and ease of operation of machines and systems. Automation technology must fit into information technology with as little effort as possible. This is much easier if automation systems use the same communication standards and programming environments as the IT world.

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Factory building of Cimcorp


interview Jyrki Anttonen

Software development is the key to delivering next generation solutions for mechanical engineering. But many of the challenges machine builders are currently facing can only be overcome through close collaboration. We spoke to Jyrki Anttonen, Technology Director at CIMCORP, about their decision to become a Lead Customer for ctrlX AUTOMATION.                                    

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Smartphone and bank card are each held in one hand

All control systems up to date? Check!

article Julian Weinkötz

Would you tell me about the good old days once again? To check on your bank account, you had to go down to the nearest branch and then print out your statement all by yourself. Really? Today, we simply log onto our account online and check our balances with our cell phones – and we can make changes if we want to. The idea behind the ctrlX Device Portal looks much the same way.

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several walnuts lying side by side

ctrlX AUTOMATION in a nutshell

video Jasmin Heim

You have already heard a lot about ctrlX AUTOMATION and want to understand at a glance what it's all about? For this purpose we have summarized the ten most distinctive features of our 360° automation platform.

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Cartesian robot grips building blocks

Cartesian robots: compatible with any programming language

article Andreas Gryglewski

It is quite common for a customer to request another Cartesian handling system at short notice for the machine that they have ordered which is already at the assembly stage. The additional request means extra business which is great but the electrical design engineer wonders where they’re going to find the necessary space in the control cabinet which has already been fitted out.

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Dart with pilot flies towards the target

Application-ready: ctrlX AUTOMATION in use

article Volker Schlotz

The Z-axis of the handling system dips into the machine. The commissioner checks the exact position and, after three test runs, switches on active vibration avoidance in the drive. The result is incredible: the axis was already quite quick but now it can be positioned much more quickly thanks to the reduced vibration.

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Heart with branching connections

The smartphone of automation

article Benjamin Nerger

Let’s be honest: Over many years, automation has for the most part ignored the developments in the consumer area – and thereby missed countless opportunities for user-friendly approaches. With ctrlX AUTOMATION we have asked ourselves the provocative question: What would automation look like if it were reinvented by Google, Apple or another digital company?

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three non-luminous pendant light bulbs and one luminous inverted light bulb

Performance makes all the difference

article Benjamin Nerger

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, we would like to offer our customers the most scalable, powerful and compact automation platform available on the market. In order to do this, we have not only optimized every component but also taken into account interactions in the overall system at all times. The result: our customers will be able to implement their software solutions with our ctrlX CORE control system and the new ctrlX DRIVE generation as soon as it is launched in 2020.

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Using a smartphone

Explore the world of automation via app

article Sebastian Krauskopf

Try it yourself: install an app with a camera function on your smartphone, whether it be a QR reader, photo TAN software, Messenger or travel cost billing software. The installation takes just a few minutes. Now think about how much work is involved if you want to integrate a camera function into a PLC program for an automation system, program the interface and forward the data in a legible form.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION pushes the boundaries

article Hans Michael Krause

Anyone who is involved with Industry 4.0 and the Factory of the Future will soon realize: there are numerous practical hurdles between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). When developing ctrlX AUTOMATION, we set ourselves the goal of coming up with the most open and future-viable automation platform on the market – for both OT and IT.

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ctrlX WORKS page is displayed on a laptop

Stepping into the future

article Sebastian Krauskopf

You don’t have to be a software engineer to understand the complexity of integrating functions. You only need to reach for your smartphone to conduct a simple test by installing an app with a camera function such as QR reader, photo TAN software or Messenger. It takes a matter of minutes.

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Colleagues at work who make a selfie with the smartphone in the office

Working with tomorrow’s technology today

article Steffen Winkler

“Question everything, develop something totally new. Something that’ll change the future of automation and offer entirely new perspectives for end users.” This was the task for the team developing the new ctrlX AUTOMATION platform.

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TWO STEPS AHEAD - Improve the world of automation

interview Steffen Winkler

More than half of the value added in mechanical engineering now consists of software development. Here, Steffen Winkler, Vice President of Sales for the Business Unit Automation and Electrification Solutions at Bosch Rexroth, tells us about the revolutionary new automation platform that will address this issue and radically improve the world of automation.

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Find out how ctrlX AUTOMATION helps you to put individual solutions into operation much faster and to program functions easily and flexibly in any language.

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Burr-free punching with drive technology from Bosch Rexroth

article {{picture::}-ZRS묐$KZ(?size=11}}Michael Haun

A young Berlin-based company is developing durable, freely combinable machines with an innovative punching process for the plastics industry. A key feature is the highly dynamic servodrive technology from Bosch Rexroth. It meets the highest demands as regards functionality and impresses with its high performance.


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