“Der Deutsche Innovationspreis” goes to Bosch Rexroth

An innovation that changes an entire market: ctrlX AUTOMATION from Bosch Rexroth completely redefines automation in industry. This innovative power has now been underlined with an important award: “Der Deutsche Innovationspreis” 2021. This initiative, founded in 2010 by WirtschaftsWoche, Accenture, and EnBW, named Bosch Rexroth the winner in the “Large Companies” category on June 25 under the patronage of German Federal Minister Peter Altmaier. The award ceremony took place as a digital event.

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Automation meets machine vision

Machine vision is an integral part of automation, whereby products are used which control automated processes based on industrial camera systems. HD Vision Systems facilitates automation by means of visually guided object localization, tracking and detection as well as QR code scanning. The company now provides these functions as well as interfaces to standard area scan cameras as a vision suite in the ecosystem of the Bosch Rexroth automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION. In addition, the two companies are developing customized machine vision products as well as a use case for object recognition and oriented placement by means of a Cartesian robot.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION, Plant-Engineering, Product of the year award


Awarded once again! Both our automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION and our modular drive system ctrlX DRIVE received the “Plant Engineering Product of the Year” award. This award honors outstanding innovations of 2020 in the United States, as voted by the audience of industry-leading publication Plant Engineering.

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Modern automation means overall solution from partners

Today, a modern automation system no longer consists of the know-how of just one supplier, but is made up of special knowledge and solutions from various partners. The result is a complete solution that the user can configure and deploy as required. Bosch Rexroth shows how this works with ctrlX AUTOMATION. New partners participate in the open automation system in the area of “Software Service & Consulting”. Among other things, they offer support in the introduction and operation of the solutions.

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WITTENSTEIN offers apps for smart gearbox via ctrlX World

WITTENSTEIN is part of the ctrlX World – the partner world around the ctrlX AUTOMATION system from Bosch Rexroth. This allows users to benefit from the advantages of WITTENSTEIN’s smart cynapse gearbox via the ecosystem. ctrlX AUTOMATION supports the openness of cynapse and enables easy integration of corresponding applications. Customers can thus integrate smart services from WITTENSTEIN into their system solution quickly and in a user-friendly manner.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION @EPLAN Virtual Fair 2021

Under the motto "It's in your hands!", visitors of the EPLAN Virtual Fair can experience a varied program about professional engineering. With exciting live talks, topic- and country-specific webcasts and hands-on software demonstrations, there's something for everyone.
As a member of the EPLAN Partner Network, Bosch Rexroth will be represented in the community area of the trade fair. Our ctrlX AUTOMATION Game Changers are looking forward to a direct exchange via live chat with you!



Experience the innovations of our automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION at the digital Hannover Messe 2021. In the online portal of the trade fair as well as in our live stream, you can learn more about our control platform ctrlX CORE, our new ctrlX SERVICES, the partner world ctrlX World and much more.

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Rhebo integrates apps for cyber security and stability as add-ons

The ctrlX AUTOMATION platform from Bosch Rexroth stands for maximum openness – also for partners. Rhebo GmbH has joined the partner ecosystem ctrlX World. For example, Rhebo relies on ctrlX AUTOMATION as an integration platform and additional marketplace for its industrial monitoring solutions, providing both cyber security and stability for OT and IT infrastructures.

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Virtual Supply Chain Fair

Does warehouse technology need new approaches to automation?

The answer to this question and how Bosch Rexroth meets the increasing requirements in intralogistics with ctrlX AUTOMATION can be discovered in the Expert Talk with Steffen Winkler, CSO Business Unit Automation and Electrification Solutions, at the virtual intralogistics trade fair of Dambach Lagersysteme.

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Customers need solutions instead of products

The increasing challenges of automation cannot be met by coexisting products, but only by complete solutions. With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth will be demonstrating how this works at the digital HANNOVER MESSE trade fair from 12 to 16 April 2021. The system – consisting of hardware and software solutions – has a Linux real-time operating system, completely open standards, app technology for programming, web-based engineering and comprehensive IoT connectivity.

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Bosch Rexroth defines automation trends for 2021

Bosch Rexroth expects a further boost in automation for the manufacturing industry and other segments in 2021 – driven also by the coronavirus pandemic. This is because manufacturing companies in particular are forced to further digitalize processes in order to keep production processes efficient and delivery capabilities up and running during the crisis. However, the demand for open, easy-to-use and flexible automation solutions will also increase independently of this.

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The ctrlX AUTOMATION partner ecosystem is growing

With the revolutionary ctrlX AUTOMATION platform from Bosch Rexroth, users can take advantage of an open ecosystem. Thanks to the platform, they can use apps from Bosch Rexroth, applications from third-party providers or apps they have produced themselves. As a result, applications for all automation tasks are available. More and more third-party providers are joining the partner ecosystem ctrlX World. There are already three partners for HMI applications: MGA Ingenieurdienstleistungen GmbH, Mirasoft GmbH & Co. KG and Smart HMI GmbH.

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Our automation solution ctrlX AUTOMATION has won the “Robert Bosch Innovation Award" in the category "Core". This award honors innovations that drive the technological change within the Bosch Group. ctrlX AUTOMATION has brought the principle of the smartphone into the factory world, launching a new era of automation – as underlined by the award.


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ctrlX AUTOMATION @Ubuntu Masters Conference 2020

Our ctrlX AUTOMATION Game Changers Benjamin Beisel and Hans Michael Krause participated as keynote speakers at Canonical's Ubuntu Masters Conference. At the virtual event, they explained why Industry 4.0 needs a complete automation solution. Canonical features inspiring makers and their solutions for industry-wide challenges at the conference.


Now available: Compact control platform ctrlX CORE

Bosch Rexroth has defined the industrial control system of the future with its compact ctrlX CORE control system. With its open and flexible architecture, the control platform removes the boundaries between the IPC, embedded system and drive-based technology platforms. This scalable “all-purpose control system” offers numerous advantages such as a fewer component requirement and a reduced engineering effort as well as higher productivity. The embedded control system is now available in series production.

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Bosch Rexroth at the SPS Connect

With its ctrlX AUTOMATION platform, Bosch Rexroth is exploring completely new avenues in automation and is bringing together control technologies, IT and the IoT to create an open, scalable system. The company will demonstrate how this works at the virtual SPS Connect trade fair from 24 to 26 November 2020. Here, Bosch Rexroth will present the automation platform with its latest innovations.

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SPS Connect 2020

2019 was just the beginning!
Use the SPS Connect 2020 to experience our automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION digitally. Be curious, we will inspire you again.

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Developers will be designers rather than programmers in the future

„We would like to revolutionize professional automation and make life as easy as possible for digital natives. Simple integration, plug & produce, co-creation, open standards and the fact that a lock-in for customers is not absolutely necessary make ctrlX AUTOMATION straightforward, fast and flexible“, exemplify Philipp Guth, Head of the Business Unit Automation & Electrification Solutions.

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Automation means software development

„When we launched ctrlX AUTOMATION at the end of 2019, we said from the outset that mechanical engineering nowadays means software development. We are now going a step further and saying that automation means software development“, explains Steffen Winkler, Vice President Sales Business Unit Automation & Electrification Solutions.

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Bosch Rexroth opens ctrlX AUTOMATION to partners

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth has created an open ecosystem with applications for any automation tasks. Users can use apps from Bosch Rexroth, applications from third-parties or apps they have produced themselves. More and more providers are joining the ctrlX World.

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Bosch Rexroth presents I/O portfolio for the first time

Bosch Rexroth has just announced the next level of its open industrial automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION. The launch of ctrlX I/O adds other interfaces on the field and control levels to the platform, a system shaped by app technology.

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With ctrlX SERVICES, Bosch Rexroth is expanding its wide range of support services

Bosch Rexroth is expanding its ctrlX AUTOMATION platform by adding new services for users: App Store, Device Portal and online Community. The platform with app technology stands out with its open, modular design and opens up entirely new possibilities in the field of industrial automation.

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Bosch Rexroth sets new standards for safe automation with ctrlX SAFETY

With ctrlX SAFETY, Bosch Rexroth introduces a novelty to the automation market: the most responsive and compact safety solution of its kind. The scalable system can be used as required – from the drive-integrated SafeMotion solution in ctrlX DRIVE to the complete ctrlX SAFETY control.

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2nd press conference ctrlX AUTOMATION

12 months have passed - in September 2019 ctrlX AUTOMATION was presented to the public for the first time. Today, the second phase is about to begin: Bosch Rexroth will be presenting the latest ctrlX AUTOMATION innovations at the business unit's headquarters:

  • ctrlX I/O
  • ctrlX SERVICES
  • ctrlX SAFETY
  • ctrlX World

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Digital DiscoverDays Factory Automation

We invite you on 30.9. and 1.10. on a virtual discovery tour through the world of Factory Automation.

Look forward to a live program with exciting keynote speeches, panel discussions, expert talks and numerous exclusive contents and learn all about ctrlX AUTOMATION. (all in German)

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Automate #LikeABosch with ctrlX AUTOMATION

Shawn has already discovered the advantages of ctrlX AUTOMATION. See for yourself that complicated becomes simple and future becomes present. Automate #LikeABosch with the app-based automation platform.

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Digital InfoDay ctrlX AUTOMATION

Are you ready for the new world of automation? A world in which you can reduce component and engineering costs by up to 50 percent and effortlessly surmount the boundaries between machine control, IT world and IoT? We will show you how ctrlX AUTOMATION solves these challenges on our Digital InfoDay on July 21st 2020 from 10:00 - 12:00.

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Digital Days Hannover Messe

Since Hannover Messe couldn`t take place as planned this year, we took the chance to present ctrlX AUTOMATION at the Digital Days. You missed the live presentation? No problem. Experience our open automation platform here.

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Virtual Roadshow USA – ctrlX AUTOMATION

Explore ctrlX AUTOMATION.
Meet our experts, experience live automation and software showcases and let us discuss how we can create the best automation solution for your challenges.

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Virtual Event USA: Factory of the Future

Join us as we host a free 4-day virtual event (July 13 - 16th) that explores the Factory of the Future! We’ve gathered experts from across Bosch and Bosch Rexroth to present the latest topics in Factory Automation. One of the highlights: ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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And now for the next award: Our ctrlX AUTOMATION platform has impressed everyone and has now received the “German Innovation Award 2020” in the category Machines & Engineering. An award that brings innovation to life and makes clear that ctrlX AUTOMATION is breaking down the boundaries in mechanical engineering and keeping us TWO STEPS AHEAD.

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Hannover Messe 2020 – We Keep Moving. What about you?

Johannes Albrecht, ctrlX AUTOMATION Game Changer, was looking forward to the Hanover Fair 2020 to show you how to engineer your automation without hardware - with ctrlX CORE. Alternatively, he recorded the explanation in a video.

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Hannover Messe 2020 – We Keep Moving. What about you?

As we are not able to meet personally at the Hanover Fair this year, our ctrlX AUTOMATION Game Changer Maurus Bien decided to present you the new smartphone of automation in a short video.

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We proudly announce: our control ctrlX CORE won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020. In addition to the design, the selected materials, the level of craftsmanship, the surface structure, ergonomics and functionality of the product were also evaluated. ctrlX CORE not only impresses with its maximum performance but also with first-class design that is suitable for all production environments.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION – Live @SPS 2019

The SPS as the most important fair of the automation industry was the perfect spot for us to present our new automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION to a broad public for the first time. At our exhibition show, which was moderated by Maxi Sarwas, we presented ctrlX AUTOMATION live.

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In the past, we used to adapt to the latest technologies, but with ctrlX AUTOMATION we overcame physical boundaries, made new connections, opened up new horizons. And created something radical new. Get future-ready - with ctrlX AUTOMATION. An holistic platform built on future-proof software and the most versatile hardware available.

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"There’s an App for That: Bosch Rexroth Reveals Web-Based Automation Platform"

ctrlX AUTOMATION allows for the flexibility to create centralized and decentralized automation topologies with customized and customizable third-party apps available — much like the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store — through its app hub, ctrlX WORKS.

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"Bosch Rexroth now sells new products in new ctrlX AUTOMATION platform"

ctrlX AUTOMATION offers design engineers a choice: They decide whether to program in IEC 61131, PLCopen or G-Code, or in other conventional high-level or Internet languages. This liberates machine manufacturers from dependency on the availability of PLC specialists and proprietary systems.

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"Bosch Rexroth introduces ctrlX AUTOMATION control platform"

ctrlX AUTOMATION offers users a choice: They decide whether to program in IEC 61131, PLCopen or G-Code, or in other conventional high-level or Internet languages. Configuration and commissioning of automation components is completely web-based, eliminating the need to install software. Within minutes of switching on the system, the software is programmed.

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ctrlX AUTOMATION live at the SPS 2019 in Nuremberg

The SPS is the most important fair of the automation industry. For us the perfect place to present ctrlX AUTOMATION to the world. And that's what we've done – successfully!

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Step by Step to the Product-Launch

The start of the public communication took place in Ulm in September. The next step was the International Automation Forum for the worldwide sales team in Lohr am Main in October. At the beginning of November 65 customers joined the sneak preview of ctrlX AUTOMATION in the Robert Bosch house in Stuttgart.

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A new world of automation

With the new ctrlX AUTOMATION platform, Bosch Rexroth has eradicated the traditional boundaries between machine control systems, IT and the Internet of Things. Centralized and decentralized automation topologies can now be created flexibly with the scalable platform.

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by Roland Kosikors

Hannover Messe 2020 – We Keep Moving. What about you?

Johannes Albrecht, ctrlX AUTOMATION Game Changer, was looking forward to the Hanover Fair 2020 to show you how to engineer your automation without hardware - with ctrlX CORE. Alternatively, he recorded the explanation in a video.

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