Nowadays, automation means software development. The high-performance and communication-ready ctrlX CORE control platform provides the basis for this. With the scalable compact control system, Bosch Rexroth has set new standards in the field of automation technology. With its open and flexible architecture, the Linux-based multicore technology breaks down the boundaries between the IPC and embedded system platforms and drive-based technology. “One control system for everything” means less engineering, fewer components and higher productivity. The modular ctrlX WORKS software toolkit is based on the latest app technology and opens up new degrees of freedom when producing, providing and using functions.

ctrlX CORE is the heart of the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform and the nucleus for industrial control systems of the future.

Learn everything about the revolutionary automation platform at a glance: 10 reasons for ctrlX AUTOMATION as well as an overview of the product portfolio.

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With the new ctrlX AUTOMATION platform and the modular ctrlX CORE control system, Bosch Rexroth meets the growing requirements of various market players: from dedicated PLC applications in the general machine market or motion applications for simple handling tasks to typical platform applications which allow companies on the lookout for a high-performance, future-ready hardware platform to build up their own expertise in specific markets.

Bosch Rexroth offers much more than simply high-performance control systems or control hardware: within the sector, ctrlX CORE is the most complete, flexible and open control platform with numerous features on all levels – from the design and performance to software and connectivity.


  • Multicore CPU performance
  • Can be expanded in a modular fashion with performance and interface modules

Flexible and open

  • App-based on Linux Ubuntu Core
  • Ready for integration into the EtherCAT ecosystem

Perfect fit

  • Flexible, reliable scalability with the ctrlX WORKS software module
  • Can be used in drive-based applications, as an embedded control system or in the IPC



The smartphone of automation

With ctrlX AUTOMATION we have asked ourselves the question: What would automation look like if it were reinvented by a digital company?

The architecture is what counts

With its open and flexible architecture, the compact ctrlX CORE control system meets today’s and tomorrow’s requirements in the Factory of the Future. In addition to EtherCAT, the control hardware supports many other common automation protocols. Peripherals can also be connected easily via EtherCAT Master as an automation bus. The ctrlX Device Portal allows remote access to the control systems and makes it easy to administer and update them. In connected environments, the Ethernet interface controls the data-intensive exchange of information with higher-level IT systems, HMI devices and cloud-based applications. The control system supports more than 30 IT and PLC IoT standards, for example OPC UA as server and client as well as the widely used MQTT protocol.

Control based architecture

  • Cabinet DIN rail embedded control
  • EtherCAT-Master as automation bus to connect the periphery
  • ctrlX Device Portal for central administration of the connected devices
  • Motion cycle time for 10 drives @ 2 ms (faster times and more drives in preparation)

Drive based architecture

  • EtherCAT-Master as automation bus to connect the periphery
  • Multi-Ethernet-Slave for connection to 3rd party controllers (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP)
  • ctrlX Device Portal for central administration of the connected devices
  • Motion cycle time for 10 drives @ 2 ms

Maximum openness on all levels

ctrlX CORE is a complete Linux-based control platform and is highly open, stable and secure. Linux, the world’s most popular and stable operating system, allows the ongoing further development and optimization of modern control systems as well as easy troubleshooting.

For field communication, ctrlX CORE relies on the EtherCAT ecosystem as standard. This opens up the entire world of EtherCAT peripheral devices, which can easily be integrated into the user’s own control topology. The key benefits include short cycle times thanks to the connection via EtherCAT Master.

Programming, providing and using apps

Nowadays, software development accounts for over half of value creation in mechanical engineering. For machine manufacturers and end customers, efficient engineering and the straightforward programming of applications offer considerable potential savings and degrees of freedom. The ctrlX CORE with its fully web-based engineering saves much of the usual software installation work and general outlay as it makes configuration and commissioning of the automation components clearer and more intuitive. With the ctrlX WORKS Toolkit, all engineering tools are available completely free of charge.  In addition, the ctrlX CORE system environment is available in an entirely virtual form. This means that programming and tests can be carried out without any hardware – a central requirement when it comes to reducing engineering work.

The open software architecture with flexible app technology gives developers complete freedom: they can select the apps that they need or use any open source software. Customers can also operate software that they developed themselves on the open platform and turn their expert knowledge in the form of functions in all popular programming languages into apps. These apps that they developed themselves or the software can be operated on ctrlX CORE. In addition, industrial applications can be offered in the App Zone. The ctrlX Data Layer which is anchored in the control system as a central architectural element allows the apps to communicate with each other.


The ctrlX Device Portal offers great potential for savings when it comes to maintenance and updating the device software. Control systems can be managed centrally across plants and all available apps can be assigned to ctrlX CORE and updated. The solution stands out with its secure communication requiring only an Internet connection. At the same time, the tool offers secure remote access to the user’s own control systems. Security updates and new functions can be installed, backups can be restored and information about available updates and extensions can be retrieved – all regardless of location.

More information regarding the compact control platform ctrlX CORE

Technical data ctrlX CORE

Processor ctrlX CORE
CPU 64 Bit Quad-Core ARM CPU
Memory storage ctrlX CORE
Fixed storage 4 GB eMMC
Remanent memory 1 MBit
Hardware interfaces ctrlX CORE
(EtherCAT master)
1 x GBit Ethernet
(Engineering port)
1 x GBit Ethernet
(Engineering port, TSN endpoint)
1 x GBit Ethernet
USB 1 x USB-C (2.0)
SD card 1 x Micro-SD
Operation ctrlX CORE
Operating system Linux Ubuntu Core
Communication ctrlX CORE
Fieldbus communication EtherCAT master
Engineering/HMI via GBit Ethernet
Engineering, TSN endpoint GBit Ethernet
Remote access and diagonstics (WiFi) via USB-C
Electrical data ctrlX CORE
Supply voltage 24 VDC
(19.2 - 30.0 VDC)
Norms and Standards ctrlX CORE
Standards CE, UL, CSA
Certification Industrial area class A
Environmental conditions ctrlX CORE
Permissible temperature (operation) -25 °C to +55 °C (fanless up to 2000 m)
Permissible temperature (storage) -40 °C to +70 °C
Permissible humidity (operation) 10 % to 95 %
(EN 61131-2)
Degree of protection IP20
Protection category III
Mechanical tests ctrlX CORE
Vibration resistance 1 g
Shock resistance 15 g
Dimensions ctrlX CORE
A 45 mm
B 105 mm
C1 87 mm
C2 10.5 mm