The perfect user experience combination

The right information at the right time: ease of use is an increasingly important factor when deciding to purchase a machine. ctrlX HMI offers machine manufacturers optimum freedom when it comes to implementing the user experience with intuitive user guidance.

The portfolio includes small operating panels, tablets, panel PCs, or large stationary displays with a screen diagonal of up to 24". Anti-glare and chemically hardened front glass make display and operating panels ideal for use in harsh everyday production environments. The 16:9 screen size supports multi-touch operation with ten fingers.

The web-based software solution ctrlX HMI adapts every representation automatically to different display sizes and prepares important information clearly at all times. Third-party provider tools can be used additionally, which communicate via standard interfaces such as OPC UA. ctrlX HMI covers all applications reliably – from the simplest process controls through to demanding and dynamic simulations.

At a glance:

  • Perfectly harmonized hardware and software for intuitive visualization
  • Robust hardware
  • Long life cycle