ctrlX I/O from Bosch Rexroth opens up new possibilities when it comes to connectivity and networking. The I/O portfolio is designed for horizontal and vertical integration and represents a functional extension of the ctrlX CORE control platform. As a result, users can take advantage of comprehensive communication and performance extensions as well as I/O modules geared to future technologies such as 5G, TSN and AI.

Learn everything about the revolutionary automation platform at a glance: 10 reasons for ctrlX AUTOMATION as well as an overview of the product portfolio.

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Highlights of the I/O portfolio ctrlX I/O

Connectivity is the basis for the digital factory. Through communication from machine to machine, machine to system and machine to operator, the potential of Industry 4.0 can be fully exploited. And connectivity is essential for intelligent processes and new business models in other sectors too. With the ctrlX I/O portfolio, users enjoy even greater flexibility and future viability when using the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform.

ctrlX I/O expands the platform with additional interfaces to the field and control level. Bosch Rexroth relies uncompromisingly on standardized, sector and vendor-neutral interfaces.

The setup is compact, modular and robust – significant savings are possible on the DIN rail: up to 50% less space is needed in the control cabinet. Installation and wiring are possible without the use of tools. The flexible, high-performance solution stands out in a number of areas, for example through its openness towards the EtherCAT ecosystem, flexible machine topologies and various communication standards. Web-based configuration and diagnostics, Plug & Run and integrated monitoring functions take engineering to a whole new level. ctrlX I/O is perfectly tailored to ctrlX CORE. The mapping in the ctrlX Data Layer allows easy I/O access by all apps or applications. The field and management level are linked, even without PLC.

Thanks to ongoing functional expansions and remote updates, ctrlX I/O is ready for the future. The system is ready for future trends too. The disclosure of the ctrlX I/O architecture allows partners to integrate technology-specific modules into the system themselves.

An overview of the key facts:

  • Compact: 50% less space required in the control cabinet
  • Flexible and unlimited topologies
  • EtherCAT as far as the terminal
  • Simple, quick commissioning
  • Perfectly tailored to ctrlX CORE
  • Future-proof
  • Own modules can be integrated


ctrlX I/O – Driver for intelligent networked machines

Together with ctrlX AUTOMATION, ctrlX I/O is a driver for intelligent connectivity in the field of automation. For developers, ctrlX I/O means the greatest possible degrees of freedom when implementing modular machine concepts and great potential for savings.

Flexible machine topology

ctrlX I/O is a functional extension of the ctrlX CORE control system, adding technology and hardware options such as memory expansions, USB and Ethernet interfaces and much more. The solution can be integrated seamlessly into ctrlX CORE. On the field level, ctrlX I/O allows flexible machine topologies and the seamless integration of the sensor/actuator level. As a result, higher-level control systems as well as MES and cloud solutions can easily be connected on the control level.

Analog and digital inputs/outputs allow standard sensors and actuators to be connected. Via encoder interfaces and drive modules, small and stepping motors can be controlled straight from the I/O level. Machine manufacturers can combine modules and extensions freely. Apps tailored to ctrlX I/O from the ctrlX WORKS software and engineering toolbox cover numerous technological functions.

Compact, modular I/O portfolio

With the same compact form factor as ctrlX CORE, ctrlX I/O saves space in the control cabinet and offers up to 16 I/O points over a width of just 12 mm. The well-thought-out, ergonomic mechanical design and the push-in technology allow easy installation without the use of tools and the quick exchange of modules thanks to removable peripheral plugs. The clever diagnostic concept on a module and channel level reduces downtimes. The robust design with the IP20 protection class ensures maintenance and fault-free operation in the control cabinet. The system can be expanded flexibly with performance functions.

EtherCAT based architecture

The system allows the connection of EtherCAT – one of the biggest ecosystems for I/Os, slaves, fieldbus devices etc. anywhere in the industry – to the machine control level. On this basis, real-time-capable data processing can then take place. Other established communication standards such as PROFINET and IO-Link are also supported. For users, this means a virtually unlimited range of high-performance, freely combinable interfaces. More than 30 communication standards such as OPC UA and MQTT ensure seamless connection to IT and IoT systems.

Digitalization concepts such as the simulation of the I/O and peripheral level or the use of digital twins for offline commissioning are the key to a reduced engineering outlay and the use of third-party devices. With the ctrlX Configurator, ctrlX I/O stations can easily be configured online.

Ready for the future

At the same time, the solution has a future-proof design. It is ready for future trends. Upgrades, remote updates and ongoing extensions are easily possible. With the Co-Creation concept, partners can develop their own ctrlX I/O modules and benefit by contributing to the ecosystem.

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