The PC-based automation solution

Sophisticated process control systems often require high performance reserves, which ctrlX IPC provides flexibly and scalably. Thanks to low power loss, the hardware design needs neither a cooling concept nor fans, thus facilitating a long and fault-free operating time. The modular ctrlX CORE control platform can be integrated in the open ctrlX IPC portfolio via the PCIe interface. This means that the system can be extended by standard components or open source software.

Numerous interfaces are available for communication. ctrlX IPC forms the ideal interface between field level and cloud and ensures reliable and secure transmission of large quantities of data.

The integrated hardware and software security infrastructure safeguards the application and machine availability at the same time. The hardware robustly withstands impact and vibrations and offers high EMC stability. It is therefore ideal for use in practically any application and environment.

At a glance

  • Scalable IPC portfolio from entry-level solution to high-end application
  • Maximum flexibility across all performance ranges

The use of high-performance and robust SSD memories from upwards of 64 GB allows future-proof machine designs and offers reliable protection against data loss in the RAID system. All IPCs contain data backup and recovery software as standard on delivery.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) as the operating system is a key component of ctrlX IPC; it was developed specially by Microsoft for networking intelligent devices on the most varied platforms. Linux can likewise be used as the operating system.