The motion, robotics, and CNC software

ctrlX MOTION sets new standards for openness and scalability. Users can perform the most varied automation tasks with this software: from simple handling tasks to complex robot applications through to highly dynamic machines, such as those used in the packaging and print industry. In this environment, they control multi-axis applications with strict requirements in respect of coordinated movements and synchronicity.

ctrlX MOTION forms the perfect basis for the intelligent automation of production machines. It implements both fast I/O signal processing and highly dynamic motion control tasks – with more than 100 axes per control system. ctrlX MOTION is executable on all ctrlX AUTOMATION hardware, adapts flexibly to the respective requirements and can be extended at any time.

ctrlX MOTION connects the previously separate worlds of automation and IT with the ctrlX Data Layer. Users can create functions as apps in any programming languages, even graphical ones, and combine them freely. This allows a previously unknown degree of freedom, flexibility, and efficiency.

Guided dialogs for visualization and engineering tasks optimize the project workflow in development and increase productivity through simple integration of innovative functions. Web-based engineering supports fast commissioning and shortens time to market.

At a glance

  • Control system for universal and modern machine automation
  • Cross-platform performance and openness
  • Time-to-market is at least 30% faster
  • Complete and open automation system