The ctrlX Configurator:
The intuitive way to a systemic automation solution

The new configurator fully supports the ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio and enables individual configuration of automation solutions – simply, quickly, and reliably. The desired system topologies can be graphically created and requested by the user without in-depth knowledge. Around the clock - worldwide.



  • Graphical configuration of products and complete automation solutions
  • Intuitive operation via modern user interface with dynamic 3D product preview


  • Individual solution-finding without product knowledge and non-proprietary product library
  • Accelerated configuration with solution templates and 24/7 availability of the online platform


  • System-wide consistency of the solution configuration through automatic verification of product relationships
  • Project data servers offer storage for later processing of the solution configuration

Learn everything about the revolutionary automation platform at a glance: 10 reasons for ctrlX AUTOMATION as well as an overview of the product portfolio.

ctrlX_AUTOMATION - Two Steaps Ahead - Cover Brochure
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