High savings in maintenance and servicing of the device software - this is made possible by the ctrlX Device Portal powered by NEXEED. Via its cloud technology, the central administration of controllers across multiple site as well as secure remote access to own controllers is possible. Regardless of location, security updates and new functions can be installed, backups can be restored and information about available updates and extensions can be retrieved.

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  • Automatically synchronized information on devices, updates and new apps at a glance
  • Direct availability of updates and new apps for the devices


  • Direct remote maintenance access without additional infrastructure, only via Internet connection
  • Software and function deployment with just one click


  • Direct connection between app store and device - no access by third-party devices and users
  • Automated installation with failover on the device side

Learn everything about the revolutionary automation platform at a glance: 10 reasons for ctrlX AUTOMATION as well as an overview of the product portfolio.

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