In times of increasing digitalization, knowledge takes on a new meaning. The ability to adapt to changing situations and to continually acquire new know-how is crucial for success. And only in this way can the potential of modern automation solutions be fully exploited. Qualified employees secure the present and future of a company by getting the most out of a solution or product.

We support the qualification of technical experts around ctrlX AUTOMATION with various trial kits. Our training catalog ranges from basic training courses on our compact drive system ctrlX DRIVE, on commissioning and project planning of the ctrlX CORE and on IT security for mechanical engineering to advanced training courses on the Software Development Kit of our automation platform.

Our experienced trainers use a variety of training methods to ensure that knowledge is transferred in a way that is always tailored to specific target groups, goal-oriented and state-of-the-art. In addition, we rely on optimized teaching and learning aids as well as practice-oriented training systems. eLearning courses, webinars and tablet documentation complement our face-to-face seminars to make the knowledge transfer as convenient and efficient as possible for you.

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Thanks to our unique industry knowledge, Bosch Rexroth has established itself as a competent education and training partner in the field of industrial automation for numerous companies and institutions.

Overview of our current training courses


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The ctrlX MOTION training system –
for the intelligent automation of production machines:

  • Trainings, application tests and sales-supporting presentations
  • Training system, consisting of a ctrlX DRIVE with integrated ctrlX CORE to test the interaction between control and drive by using the hardware
  • Internal EtherCAT connection and a simple user interface for manual operation are already set up
  • Direct access to the control via a web browser
  • Required software can be installed directly from the control

The ctrlX DRIVE training system  –
the most compact drive system worldwide:

  • Trainings, application tests and sales-supporting presentations
  • Communication bridge to a ctrlX CORE or an external control
  • Basic unit consisting of an XMS1-W0023 inverter and an MS2N motor with brake

The ctrlX CORE training system –
the powerful and communication-enabled control platform:

  • Trainings, application tests and sales-supporting presentations
  • Communication bridge to a ctrlX DRIVE or any EtherCAT slave (drives, I/Os, sensors etc.)
  • Direct access to the control via the web-based interface

Learn everything about the revolutionary automation platform at a glance: 10 reasons for ctrlX AUTOMATION as well as an overview of the product portfolio.

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