Global Service Portfolio


Service and support means added value for the Bosch Rexroth customer. The service portfolio for the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform consists of classic and digital services as well as various services for the Customer Journey. On the one hand, this includes conventional services relating to machines and systems in favor of a long-term operational capability. On the other hand, the automation platform ecosystem offers ultramodern ctrlX SERVICES such as the App Zone for downloading individually required software, the ctrlX Device Portal for easy central management of controllers and the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community for support, know-how transfer and news.


Best-in-class Support & Service

Bosch Rexroth supports its customers in all maintenance and optimization tasks of their machines - throughout the entire machine life cycle. The availability of spare parts, repairs and technical support is guaranteed as standard not only for all products in the current portfolio, but also for a period of at least 10 years beyond the active sales phase. After that, Bosch Rexroth experts will support with services in an extended service phase. In many cases, this enables machine running times of more than 25 years to be achieved and secured with service agreements. The extensive service network in 80 countries with over 200 locations ensures short distances.

The service and support features at a glance

  • 24/7 service hotline
  • Worldwide availability of spare parts
  • Product identification, online diagnosis and much more via ctrlX Digital Service Assistant
  • Product overhaul and machine optimization
  • Engineering and application support

ctrlX Digital Service Assistant

The ctrlX Digital Service Assistant is available to customers around the clock directly on their smartphone or tablet. This gives customers mobile access to all service tools and provides an overview of the status of their machines. Furthermore, it is possible to contact the helpdesk directly.


ctrlX AUTOMATION Community

The automation platform from Bosch Rexroth is based on networking: shared knowledge and continuous development by experts and users. In the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community, users receive information about the platform and its app zone - from updates, how-to videos and FAQs up to application examples. Users can also present their own solutions or access to others. Questions and discussions for knowledge exchange are also available in the forum.

A Software-Development-Kit (SDK) with NRT/RT library for communication with ctrlX Data Layer (available for C/C++) is also available here.

App Zone

Users of ctrlX AUTOMATION can use apps from Bosch Rexroth, third-party applications or self-created apps. In this way, individual solutions can be implemented quickly and easily and new business potential can be tapped. The App Zone provides online access to all available applications and libraries for customized app creation. The customer gets quick access to detailed information, documentation and release notes. By simply reloading additional apps, a functional extension is possible. The licenses can be purchased directly from the App Zone. Through the integration of partner apps, the ecosystem is meaningfully expanded.

The application-based system of ctrlX AUTOMATION allows the addition of new automation and control functions at any time. For example, the store offers a wide range of apps for setting up a customized software system. Based on Bosch Rexroth's app portfolio, machine programs can be flexibly modified and improved. App updates can be easily installed via the ctrlX Device Portal.

ctrlX Device Portal

The ctrlX Device Portal is the digital service for managing, maintaining and protecting devices. By centrally managing any number of devices, the solution not only opens opportunities for increasing efficiency, but also for new business models. From the simple deployment of new software functions to the maintenance of device settings and projects via direct remote maintenance, the ctrlX Device Portal offers all the advantages of a digital service - from operating system to the customized app.

ctrlX Configurator

With the convenient ctrlX Configurator, solutions and products can be easily configured and made more efficient. The products which are supported by the configurator comprise the ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio. It enables the individual configuration of automation solutions - simply, quickly and reliably. Users are enabled to create and request desired system topologies graphically without in-depth knowledge, independent of time and location.